Really Random Thursday

Progress on my Single Girl quilt!  Since this photo I've finished 10 of the 12 rings.  I'm loving the complete scrappiness.   And I'm here to reassure you that this pattern is NOT that hard!  It's tedious cutting out all the pieces with templates.  You really want to be accurate with this part or you might have headaches!  The rest is not too tricky though!  Sewing the rings goes pretty smoothly just because they're such large circles that the curves are not tight.

Still steadily finishing up oldies!  I'll show you more photos of this finished Hopscotch quilt soon.  This one was made with a jelly roll of Dream On by Urban Chiks for Moda.

Somehow a new project snuck in on all these finishes...  i got Sunday Morning Quilts over the Christmas holidays, and can I say I looove this book??!!  I'm gonna talk more about it one of these days.

Anyways I went digging through my scraps and put together a biggish quilt top inspired by this book.(you can see it draped over the chair in the corner.)

This is my sort of random Thursday and I'm linking up to Cindy at Live A Colorful Life!


So after this triangle quilt, i decided to write a pattern for it.  I made this one as my first try at the lap size version.  And then I had to tweak the layout some more, and made another one.  And another one.  Then decided that I most likely would not make this into a pattern after all.

Win an Ebook!

I think I've decided that my favorite thing about this book is that it's a great variety of different patterns all in one book.  They range from quite traditional to modern, easy to slightly more complex, and everything in between.

There are some great designs that I'd like to make, and I think I will yet!

Today Martingale is having a giveaway!  They are giving 19 ebook copies, so each designer is giving away one book.

Just leave me a comment to be entered in this giveaway.  (it will close on Jan 29)

You can also go check out Martingale's website for a link to each designer's blog and 18 more chances to win...


Puffy Squares

I've been using this one as my small on-going hand quilting project.  Now it's finally finished!  I tried something different by using wool batting.  It's a bit puffier, and so very soft!  It should also be very warm.

Grey Posies Nine Patch

So far I am holding up to my goal to Finish Up!  I've been busy, and I've got this whole stack to show you. (before you get too amazed, these four quilts were all small lap or baby size, and they mostly needed quilting and binding)  Right now my laptop is very sluggish so it's taking a long time to upload and edit photos, so I'll start with the top quilt.

finish it up!

i love a new year!  i love making goals, although the fervour only lasts a week or two at most.  i wanted to write a post with a list of quilts that i want to make in 2013, but then i figured i should really make a list of all those unfinished quilts and maybe by showing them here, i would have more ooomph to finish them up.

i'm really determined to clean these puppies up at the beginning of this year!  (Since January 1st i've already made some headway)

i have projects in all stages of finishing.  all the way from block not quite put together, to just needing a binding.  i was going to make a list of from oldest to newest here, but i ran out of time to document each one in detail.

believe me there are at least a dozen!  although a lot of them are smaller projects so it shouldn't take me too long!

i even braved getting out this very oldest of my ufo's (above) i think it's at least two years old! i have some negative feeling about this one, even though i know it's not such a bad quilt but i think maybe it was the way i was feeling when i made it.  crazy because it's been sitting 3/4 done all this time.  It only needed a few more lines of quilting, and binding.  I finished up the quilting yesterday, now i'm determined to get it bound!

this one has also been waiting to be quilted for about a year!  don't ask me why cause i really love this one!  (as of right now this one has been machine quilted in rows around each block and i'm slowly hand quilting with black perle cotton around each star.

and then i've got a stack of old bee blocks that are so cute, it's a shame that they're still waiting in the cupboard!  I made some of them into a quilt back here, maybe i'll do something similiar with these.

i love these blocks too!  my intention was to make nine blocks and make a baby quilt.  i think that is still my intention, although half square triangles make me go a bit wormy!

unfortunately this is not quite everything yet, but i'm on a roll!  i'll show you the finishes as they come along!

Single Girl

the last thing i needed at the end of the year was another half finished project.

so that's exactly what i got myself.  it was a lot of fun starting it. 
i know i'll love it when it's done. 
it's just that crazy in between part . . . which also explains a few too many other piles 
in the closet!

i've got all the pieces cut, so i'll slowly plug away at sewing them together.  i'm going completely scrappy 
for the colored circle (like i just pulled scraps for most of the pieces).  the background will be a mish mash 
of light colored solids and prints.  i'm doing the twin size, which is three rings by four.  this is the single girl quilt pattern, btw.