Welcome to this laid back quiltalong, where we'll be talking about some of the basics of quilting.  Starting with buying fabrics, and going all the way through till your quilt is completed,  as I write each new post I'll add a link below.  

Acquiring Fabric {building a stash} Part 1

Acquiring Fabric {building a stash} Part 2

Two Fab Shops {and a giveaway}

on a {future} quiltalong

I'm so excited by the enthusiasm for a beginner's quilt-along-thingie!  I know this has been done before, and there are lots of resources out there, so we're not covering anything new.  There's always something to learn, though!  For myself, I'm hoping to learn some tips on quilting, but also am interested in learning more about how to explain new techniques, which steps beginners find frustrating, etc.

I have taught a couple of classes in my local quilt shop, although most of them were not beginning quilters, but maybe learning a new technique.  I find that I am not a natural teacher.  I also don't have a lifetime worth of sewing knowlege. (I started sewing at 16 and am 28 now)  What I DO have is a passion for quilting, and a no rules, laid back approach.  I think it is important that sewists/quilters are nurtured from the beginning with the idea that sewing is for you.  You are not required to vow allegiance to any rules or government of thread and fabric.  To sew and quilt is simply to use needle, thread and fabric to make what YOU want to make!

If you like what you're making, then it's great!  If you're frustrated because you need more knowledge to make what you're envisioning, then that's where a class or quiltalong like this comes in!  To enable you to make the item you've been wanting to make.

So enough about all that... Quite a few of you mentioned wanting to hear about fabric selection for a quilt.  Yay!!!  My favorite part!  I also find this challenging because it's a very intuitive process for me.  I think this portion will need to be divided into two parts.  {Acquiring Fabric - selection for your fabric shelf}, and then {Choosing Fabric - curating a quilt}.

So here's the posts that I'll be doing over the next month or two.

Acquiring Fabric
Choosing Fabric
Preparing for Quilting {choosing backing and batting and then putting them all together}

Don't be intimidated by this long list!  I'm just dividing it up into smaller segments to make it easier to add lots of details to each step.  I'm hoping that each post can include links to other tutorials explaining these methods, as well as tips and further questions from you.

Sooooo, I'd love to dive right in, but I need a few more days to get it started.  I'm aiming for Monday or Tuesday of next week to begin!

Meanwhile I need to think of a name for this little series.  I'm terrible at names, have you noticed?  I label my quilts with things like 'red patchwork squares'!

So I could just call it "Learn to Quilt" or "Beginner Guide to Quilting" or "Easiest Quilt Ever Quiltalong".  Yes, I am asking for your ideas!

See you next week!

a little Fabric Sale!!

I forgot to mention that I'm having a little fabric sale!  All remaining charm bundles, as well as the one basket quilt bundle, are 20% off with coupon code  blue20  in my Etsy shop.  Just choose the 'fabric' section to see all available bundles.  This sale will run till the end of June.

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