Scrappy Trip in Sherbet

McElligot's Pool Complete!

Stuck on Geese

After cutting and sewing many flying geese units, I've made good headway on this quilt.  That stack of squares above is all I have left to sew of the individual geese.

Meanwhile I'm wrestling with the layout.  The two smaller photos above show the two options I'm considering at the moment.  (Each photo only shows half the width of the quilt.  I didn't have all the geese made yet when taking this photo)

If you're wondering what the difference is between these two, the one on the left has the block colors change after each goose.  The one on the right has four of the same color in a row before changing to the next color.

I originally planned on the left hand layout.  When I put it up on my design wall though, it looked too choppy.  In the small photo here it looks good, but up close you don't see the colors flowing together.

That's why I decided to try the second layout.  It does show the colors blending much better.  Seeing it in this small photo though, I'm not sure I like it!

So I'm stuck again! 

Meanwhile, I do have a few finished quilts to show you soon!