This Suburbs quilt pattern by Cluck Cluck Sew was also on my list of quilts I wanted to make.  The reason I didn't include it on my earlier blog post is because the top is already completed!

Let me say I love this pattern!   It's so simple, and goes together really fast.  I'm pretty sure I'll be making another one of these sometime.

I went away from my usual zone and did an (almost) all solids quilt.  I think it gives it a beachy vibe that's perfect for a child.

I used a Kona Classic bundle from MadAboutPatchwork, then chose my favorite colors from this bundle.

I made the throw size, which  calls for 10 fat quarters or quarter yards to make the houses.  Here's a list of the colors I used from this bundle. 

Kona Cottons

Bright Pink
Bright Periwinkle
Eclectic Elements Subway Signs (the black with white letters)

For the sky, I used Kona Aqua (best sky color!), and the background was Kona Snow.

I've decided on a fun backing that will really finish off this quilt, so hopefully I'll be getting to that soon!

Florence Baby Quilt

Quilt List 2014

This blog post is just my need to get a list  written down to clear my head:)  Therefore you may find it very boring!  If that's the case, you can head over to Adrianne's blog On the Windy Side.  She asked me a bunch of thought provoking questions and I blathered away about all things quilty and non quilty.  She's making this a series, so check out the other quilter's responses while you're there.  I always love a good interview!

ON to the LIST!!!

Ideally, this would have been typed out and posted on January 1st.  But, 'Better Late than Never' is my mantra, so here goes!

This list will be divided into two parts.  Part 1 is quilts that must be completed before the end of August.  We're adding a new baby to our family then, so there's a few projects that simply must. be. done. by that time.

Part 2 is an ongoing list that always resides in a tiny corner of my brain.  This list is not always on instant recall, so I decided I'd ease my mind by writing it down.  It's a list of all the quilt patterns or ideas that you could call a bucket list.  Those quilt designs that I 'know' I want to make someday.

First of all Part 1.

*A quilt for the baby.  I've been thinking about this one for awhile.  Kinda feels like it should be an epic quilt, right?  But that's a lot of pressure.  So maybe we're just gonna go with a heart quilt which you can see that I've been dabbling with above.  (this may change yet!)

*A quilt for my 6-year-old son.  He will not give up his old blanket that I made him years ago, but it's too small to cover his bed nicely, and since the new baby will share his room, I want to freshen up the room a bit.  I don't have any final decisions made yet on color or design.  My original idea was to use all the blues, kinda like that heart above, but just random patchwork.  Then yesterday I made the mistake of asking his opinion:)  He of course wants "all the bright colors, maybe rainbows, and then in the middle could you do a boy and a truck?"    hmmm....  as you can see, we'll be doing some more thinking on this one! 

*Finish this pixel heart quilt.  The top is done, it just needs to be quilted.  This one is a gift, and it's just waited far too long.  I suddenly had the idea of getting it long arm quilted so any of you know of a long arm quilter in the Calgary area that you'd recommend?

Part 2

Here's the list of quilts I want to make some time in the next 5 years!  They're not listed in any special order of importance, just jotting them down as they come to me.

*Ikat Quilt by Stitched in Color.  I adore this quilt.  I want Rachel's exact quilt, but since that's not happening, I've already got the pattern and made one block to try it out.  (see above)  I'm not completely decided on a color scheme,  but I think it will include lots of golds and warm pinks and reds.  I'll talk more about this pattern in the future, obviously.

*Gathering Flowers Quilt by Anna Maria Horner.  I bought this pattern over a year ago, and seeing some beautiful versions pop up since then has only cemented my resolve. 

*Owl Quilt the one on the cover of Dare to Be Square quilt book.  I just love this pattern.  Don't know why I haven't made two or three of these already

*Kaleidoscope Quilt - I have templates for a 6"  finished block.  I tried one block, (above) and realized that this will be a looong term project.  Those little pieces are fiddly!  I'll also need to do more studying to decide on color and value placement since I really want those big circles to show up as the secondary design.  Here's an example.

Little Leaves Quilt - from Elizabeth Hartman's first quilting book.  Here's an example of this pattern.

Ok, I'm stopping there for now!  I know there's more, but this is maybe the main list that's been unchanging for a long time.  Now I can refer back to this post when I'm stumped on what to make next...Hahaha.

More Fabric!

I've been so good for so long...with buying all.the.fabric., that is!  Here's a warning that I think I'm tipping over into the other ditch just a bit here.  I'm realizing that it's best to have a nice slow trickle of new fabrics coming in just to keep your stash from feeling stale!  I think that's a problem I was having.  I still liked a lot of my fabric, but I was missing that "new" excitement.

Anyways, last week FabricSpot was having a lovely sale, so I decided to dabble in a few prints that were taking my fancy.  This assortment above is pretty random, not all meant for one quilt thankfully!  I'll talk more about my intentions for some of these fabrics in the future, but now I want to talk just a bit about this online fabric shop.

Fabric Spot is a new sponsor on my blog.  They're listed under my "Favorite Fabric and Supply Shops" in the top right corner.

Here's are a few points Karen mentions about her shop:

- We specialize in modern designer fabrics and patterns
- Based in Toronto, ON
- Family run
- Excellent Customer Service
- Huge selection of solids and basics (Canada's largest selection of Organic Fabrics)
- Free shipping in Canada on orders over $100
- Minimum cut is a FQ

Here's a few thing's I'll mention:

- She's going to be stocking Cotton and Steel Fabrics!
- Did you notice that you can order Fat Quarters?  That's a really nice option that not all shops have!

P.S.  if you're wondering about the specifics about any of the fabrics above, just ask and I'll reply in the comments.

Bright with Black and White

Hand Dyed Quilt

Fabric Destash

Spring Fever Destash Time!!  I can't believe that I'm really parting with all this stuff, but maybe you can benefit!! 

We've got...ziploc bags stuffed with in progress...and huge teetering rainbow stacks from my stash of fat quarter to half yards.  (these pieces could be individually sized anywhere from partial fat quarters to half yards or maybe even more)

Oh ya, and then some larger one yardish pieces.   I didn't measure anything exactly, just rest assured you're not paying more than 6$-7$ per yard! 

If you'd like more specific info on anything, like the exact size of a specific piece, etc.  Just send me an email or a convo through Etsy and I'll be happy to help.

And... each individual order will receive either a typewriter or a phone, like the last photo above, just because I love you:)

You can find this all in my Etsy shop over here.

Puffy Little Patchwork and a Fabric Sale