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A Tale of Three Quilts #3

Ansonia and Pretty Potent

I've been such a good girl, finishing up all my ufo's.  I've got a pile of finished quilts to show you!  In between though, I had a few of those irrational moments where I just had to start something new. 

I'm so excited I just had to show it to you first.  So, awhile back I ordered a fat eighth bundle each of Ansonia by Denyse Schmidt and Pretty Potent by Anna Maria Horner.  When they came in the mail, I immediately thought that the two collections complimented each other very well.

Anna Maria Horner's collections are full of big bold and colorful prints.  Denyse's collections are vintage inspired with mostly smaller geometric prints.  This is always a happy combo, and the colors of the two groups worked together fairly well.

I set them on my shelf and eyed them for a few months.  And then one day I just pulled them off the shelf and started making a scrappy trip quilt with them.  I made nine blocks, and am planning to add a really wide border around them.  I can't decide if I should order one of the floral prints from Pretty Potent as a border, or else the gray and black polka dot from this post

Let me say though, that my hunch was right on this one!  These two collection look so great together.  I'm feeling so tempted to buy more of each because I can think of more quilts I'd like to make with these two collections together!

And the bottom photo?  More craziness, since I'm not even done my baby's official quilt (it's in the hand quilting stage right now) but I'm already making him a second quilt!  The first one is more muted and dressy looking, so I wanted one that was bright and fun.  I think the background for this doggy will be bright orange but I'll let you know more about it soon!  You may have noticed, but this dog is made up of all the scraps from the blues, greens, and browns of Ansonia and Pretty Potent.

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