Quilting Through a Book

Thank you, dear quilty friends, for weighing in on my idea to make every quilt in one particular book.  Some of you sounded enthused to do the same, lots of you gave your opinion on which book I should use. 

My two book options were Sunday Morning Quilts, or Simply Retro.  These two books are fairly different from each other, and so I thought I'd do a short description of both, in how they would apply to my 'project'.

After that I'll reveal to you which book I decided to go with! 

So first let's look at Sunday Morning Quilts.

It's written by two great bloggers, Crazy Mom Quilts - who was one of the first quilting bloggers I discovered.  (This orange and gray quilt blew my mind in a good way back in 2008!)  The other author is Cheryl Arkison, who lives in Calgary which at an hour from me is basically in my backyard!

I've made a few quilts from this book already, Scrappy Quartered Log Cabins being one of them.  Oh, and Rainy With a Spot of Sun was another one.

So the benefit to this book is that I really like every single quilt in it.  They are really my style, as I love laid back scrappy quilts.

Next let's look at Simply Retro.

This book is written by another quilting blogger, Camille Roskelley, who I've followed from waaay back.  I've made a lot of her patterns as well, including this one called Jelly Filled, which was a long time ago!  (in fact that was my first blog post on my original blog).

I've never made a quilt from this book though.  And I'd also say that not all of the quilts in this book would be ones that I would choose to make.  These quilts are much more traditional block style, and would use more fat quarters and yardage, whereas Sunday Morning Quilts is much scrappier.

So which book did I decide on?  Well, before I had even published my blog post, I was leaning towards Simply Retro.  After so many of you chimed in with support for Sunday Morning Quilts, I almost changed my mind!  In the end though, I'm going with my gut which says that the type of projects I've been looking for this time around are the quilts in Simply Retro.

They're fairly simple, they'll use up lots of yardage, and they are quite structured.  When I analyze my reason for doing this project, it's because I need the structure of something preplanned.  So while I can choose to change up the colors as much as I want, it's also very simple.

While I will continue to make scrappy quilts from Sunday Morning Quilts as the mood strikes me, right now I'm going to work my way through Simply Retro! 

(here's a stack I've already got bookmarked for one of the quilts!)

and I thought I'd leave a disclaimer that this is not all you will be seeing here!  I wish I could just churn through these quilts and show you one per week.  But there are of course other quilts constantly in the queue which will show up in between.  And I'd make a guess this whole project might take me a year...

If you want to join me that's awesome!  Just start making quilts from this book (or any other book!) and blog about them, (or not!)

make. every. single. quilt.

I've got a problem.  It's one of those elusive things that I've just managed to pin down.  To explain myself, I'm going to break it into four parts: 



I desperately want to make quilts but I don't have inspiration. I can't decide what to make and am not feeling confident in color/fabric choices or quilt patterns to make.  Overwhelmed by options.


- high expections.  I know I could make something amazing and original if I'd just put forth the effort.
- small amounts of time.  It's spring time!  Which is awesome because I enjoy gardening and yard work but it really cuts into sewing time.
- too many options!  in both fabric and quilting ideas.


- I pop into my sewing room for a few minutes.  I falter, not knowing if I should clean up the pile of fabric on my cutting table, or work on an unfinished project or start something new.  I feel anxious and soon walk out.


Well, besides the obvious which would be to stop buying fabric, clean up my sewing room and finish all works in progress:)  I actually have made huge strides in all these areas over the last 6 months!  I have almost no quilts in progress that are not waiting on final hand work or are a long term slow project.

Here's my final solution that I've been thinking of on and off for months.  Here and there I've seen someone take a quilt book and make every single quilt in the book.  It's always had a certain appeal to me, although I've thought it would be too restrictive for me.

I've decided that it just might be what I need!  Right now just the though of it makes me excited!  It would take very little thinking on my part, mainly I'd just get the fun part of choosing the fabrics for the quilt and then putting it together.  I feel like I need a break from my own mental pressure, and this would be that breath of fresh air!

The fact is that there are practically no quilt books that I would love to make every single quilt included, but that's part of the fun challenge.  To use fabrics or change it up in a way that makes me like the quilt.  

So which book would I go through and make. every. single. quilt?

Well, I want it to be a book that I already own.  One that has a nice mix of quilt sizes and nothing too crazy intense like hours of needle turn applique.  I'd like it to be fairly simple patterns that work well to showcase all the pretty fabrics that I have a hard time using up, but also patterns that translate well to a scrappy look because I want to use only my stash.

I've come up with two options that I can't quite decide on.

Simply Retro


Sunday Morning Quilts

Which one would you go with?   And is anyone crazy enough to join me?!

Fabric Love Monday

I was having fun snooping around at Fabric Spark's shop and put together these two bundles.  Daryl was kind enough to put them both together as fat quarter bundles in case any one should take a fancy to these fabrics the way I did!

I wish I could sit down right now and make a quilt out of each one of these bundles!