Sweet Life in Tiger Lily

More Scraps!

While going through my blue and green scrap baskets, I took all pieces at least 3.5" wide or more and trimmed to 3.5" width by whatever length they were.  ( I did cut up some longer strips into shorter pieces) 

Then I divided them into two piles, light and dark.  I used the Jelly Roll Race method (google jelly roll race and there are lots of video tutorials)to whip up these two quilt tops.  They both ended up around 50"x60".  And I still have enough light strips to make another quilt this size.  It's amazing how much fabric is in those mounds of scraps!

Now I just need to get these all quilted up!

Scrappy Quilts - Blue and Green

I decided it was time to use up my scraps again!  I started by emptying my blue and green baskets entirely.  Everything 3.5" and wider, I cut into 3.5" strips, leaving it at it's current length.  (last photo)  These will be divided up by lights and darks and make into two separate quilts.

Anything narrower than 3.5" I cut into varying widths, from 1.5"- 3".  These I used to make this log cabin quilt.  I also cut some neutral colored strips to go with it.  The blocks finish at 12", so the quilt top is 48"x60".  I was planning to continue making blocks till all these strips were used up, but I decided this quilt was looking plenty chaotic already so I stopped. 

Most of the strips left were fairly short, so I cut them all to 6.5" length, and divided them roughly into color groups of aqua/light blue, turquoise, navy, and green.  I have a plan for this bunch that I'll sew up next.  All together it looks like my blue and green scraps will yield 4 quilts!

I've not given up on my Simply Retro challenge.  In fact I have two more quilts to show you soon!  I just figured that using up my scraps doesn't officially count, right?