Quilt Labels

Through the years I’ve tried many different quilt labels.  Awhile back I was contacted by The Dutch Label Shop about trying out their woven labels.  I couldn’t resist this, as I’ve always known that woven labels would be my best option for durability and a professional look.

I chose a few different kinds, wanting to try out different colours, sizes, fonts, etc.  I suggest you do the same, ordering the smallest amount available for each kind.  

I chose their basic woven labels, as I didn’t have my own logo that I wanted to use, plus they have a large selection of premise clip art you can add to personalize.  Eg. I used a spool on one of mine.

You can also choose see on or sticky back iron on labels. I find I like the iron on option as I can press it in place, and then still stitch over top for added security.  (Plus I just like the look of stitching)

Size is also an important factor.  Get out your measuring stick and visualize those measurements!  Also consider how much wording you will have so it doesn’t end up too tiny on your label.  I chose the smallest size for some of mine, and next time will choose the biggest for this reason since my brand name is a mouthful!

Text, color, font, that’s the fun part and fairly self explanatory...  

And now to the best part!  I have a coupon code for you, my faithful readers.   Enter blueelephantstitches15 at checkout for your discount!  

Go visit DutchLabelShop today to add the finishing touch to your sewing projects!


  1. VEry interesting, thanks for sharing your insight.

  2. I've looked at their labels before and wanted to purchase, but got stuck deciding what to put on the labels. Maybe this is the reminder I need to get moving! Thanks, and thanks to them for the discount, too.

  3. I’m delighted to hear your thoughts. Your quilts are so special and they deserve the label to finish them off.

  4. Thank-you for this post. I've been thinking of ordering custom labels for awhile. I placed an order using your discount code and I am excited to see what they look like!

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