Vintage Dresden Plate Quilt

Quilt Tip #1

Tip #1

This is a tip, not a rule.  an insight on how I make/design my quilts.

Rectangle Coin Quilt

Finish Those Quilts! before 2020!

The ebb and flow of my quilting process generally resembles a tide.  A rush of projects started, some finished, but slowly more and more UFO’s building up in the drawer, on the shelf, hanging in the get the picture!  

Then I experience overload and creative fatigue and with exasperation at my lack of self discipline, I resolve to finish up a bunch of quilts.  

Which I do.   But not completely.  Only say, 80% of unfinished quilts get finished up.  Then I feel so much better, I shove the final 20% back into their former cave and dive back into new projects!