Finish Those Quilts! before 2020!

The ebb and flow of my quilting process generally resembles a tide.  A rush of projects started, some finished, but slowly more and more UFO’s building up in the drawer, on the shelf, hanging in the get the picture!  

Then I experience overload and creative fatigue and with exasperation at my lack of self discipline, I resolve to finish up a bunch of quilts.  

Which I do.   But not completely.  Only say, 80% of unfinished quilts get finished up.  Then I feel so much better, I shove the final 20% back into their former cave and dive back into new projects!  

This last summer a craving for (very moderate;) minimalism hit me and I’ve been working hard to dig deeper into simplifying.  My sewing room has not been ignored in this process!  Now, a medium like quilting does not allow for minimalism.  At least not my scrappy style.  But I know there is a way to discipline myself creatively and keep from getting overwhelmed.  I always want to enjoy spending time in this room.  I don’t want pressure or guilt in this space at all!

One early step I began a year ago was stopping the buying. Now I’m just telling my story, so please don’t feel on the defensive about your most recent purchase. But I have bought a lot of fabric over the years, and I currently have a stash that will serve me for a few years before it needs replenishing.  I found myself with feelings of guilt for unnecessary fabric purchases, so I just quit! (I purchased a few yards of backing fabrics that I needed)

I’m also working on finishing up all UFO’s.  And this time I mean all!  I’m determined not to start a new project till all that old stuff is finished up.  (If it doesn’t  enthuse me any more I’m passing it on, as my precious sewing time will not be used on projects I’m not loving)

Currently I’ve worked through a large portion of these projects.  I’ve got a few left, and have an ambitious hope of having them completed by the new year!  I decided to join the 4th quarter of the finish-a-long, because why not take a chance at prizes?!

I’ll show you a photo of each project and then link up with the hosting bloggers.  At the end of the year, any of these that get completed will be entered for prizes!

So without further ado here are my final UFOs!!(ok you know there’s a couple more in the drawer yet😋)

Aunt Bet’s quilt-finish hand quilting and bind.

Vintage dresdens-have been handquilting on this one for over a year, with the help of dear family and friends.  A couple hours of quilting and binding left to do.

Basket quilt-this one is a stretch, honestly don’t think it will be done before 2020.  It’s huge, like king size and I want to hand quilt it.

Leftover baskets-this is a baby size quilt from the extra basket blocks.  Needs machine quilting and binding.

Scrappy trip-machine quilting and binding.

Tribute to Gwen Marston quilt-handstitch basket handle and hand quilt and bind.

Foothills Quilt-machine quilt and bind.

Baby size Carolina Chain in green-machine quilt and bind.

Whew!!  I’ll admit that this looks like a bit of a slog!  A lot of basting and quilting binding...and no one to blame but myself!  


  1. The first step is always the hardest...and in your case you've put your list out there! Good luck, there are some beautiful quilts there that I'm sure you will love once they are finished! I admire your tenacity in committing to the hand quilting! That takes me way to long to have more than one on the go at once!

  2. I have been trying to simplify and minimize, and have finally gotten to the sewing room. It is taking a while to get everything like I want it to be, but it is looking good so far. I am also trying to work on finishing up those UFOs. I love that you are trying to get them all done by 2020, and planning on continuing the plan to hand quilt them. Good for you! So many beautiful quilts. I like the foothills the best. I wish you much success in your progress.

  3. Wishing you all the best with your goals, you have a list so that's a great start! I tend to go all-out now & then, revisiting older WiPs for a few weeks, moving them forward a bit, and then reward myself with a new start! Lots of starts ... and even a few finishes!

  4. Fabulous projects!! Best of luck on the finishing.

  5. That hand quilting looks SO good! Love all your projects and wishing you the best of luck finishing them up this quarter :)

  6. Love your style so much. I'm always interested to see how you finish up! The Foothills quilt is a favorite, makes me want to make my own some day. Good luck getting through the list! It always feels good to make progress on that front.:)

  7. you are an inspiration. I have a 50 year collection of fabrics and at least 12 UFOs and a million more in my head. I am going to try to be like you xo

  8. Oh my goodness, I absolutely love everything you do! Do you mind sharing the size of your cake stand basket blocks? and the size of your Gwen Marston tribute quilt? You truly are such a inspiration.