Jacob's Ladder Quilt


Here's a Jacob's ladder quilt.  I so enjoyed and love the finished product of my nine patch Jacob's Ladder.  But that was a lot of little pieces.  This quilt is a four patch instead of nine patch, so gives a similar effect but is quite a bit quicker!  

To make one the size of mine: 

Cut your 4 patch squares at 2.5".  
Cut your squares for the half square triangles at 4 7/8".  

As for the values:

Always pair a light with a dark.  But be sure to mix in medium values and only compare to the current fabric you are piecing it with.  Don't overly concern yourself if pieces are in a lighter or darker category.  It's those medium value fabrics that are sometimes called a dark because you pair them with a light, and sometimes called a light because you pair them with a darker print, that make for that interesting dynamic.  

If you are too distinct with your dark and light, you won't get that softer look that fades in and out.  It will have a very defined pattern, which is fine if that's what you want!  But I tend to like a less defined pattern, where in some parts of the quilt it's more defined than others.  This comes by using a general rule of lighter and darker but not overthinking it!  


  1. I had an “a-ha!” moment after reading your explanation about using fabrics that can be considered light or dark. I have always done that but now I will do it with more confidence! Along the same lines, sometimes I am trying to concentrate on certain colors in a block, but there are always those fabrics that could be considered pink or purple, green or blue, etc and I use those fabrics as both pink AND purple, Green AND blue. Enjoyed your post today! Lovely quilt!

  2. This is masterful. Looking at it gives my eyes a warm hug. I just fell in love.

  3. Oh my goodness, what a beauty! I have been a fan and follower for quite some time now and love almost every quilt you have made. Thanks for explaining your method of choosing colors and fabrics. It is so easy to over think things and you made it just a little bit easier. The way you put colors and quilts together is truly an art form and I feel blessed every time I see and observe your work. Thanks so much for what you do. Your quilts show how much you love the art of making quilts.

  4. Love it! I always enjoy your colour choices; thanks for the explanation.

  5. Wow, I sure could have used that explanation years ago! So much we have learned in the process, right? beautiful! Love the way the lights and darks fade in and out, pure scrapaliciousness!